Reduce, Reuse and Recycle the crafty way!

Its easier said than done to reduce, reuse and recycle. But I have found one way that you can and still keep it crafty,classy and carefree!

What you will need:
-Ribbon or string (if desired)
-A glass bottle of any sort (beer,wine energy drink...)

What to do:
First off you need to clean your glass bottle unless you already have. Make sure it is fairly clean because as your bottle sits around it may start to go moldy or smell.

Next you need to remove that sticker on the outside, for my bottle I was able to just pull it off but you may need to run it under hot water and scrub off any extra paper left on it.

Once the sticker/label is removed, get rid of the bottle lid and cut the ring around the neck of the bottle off.

After that, go and find some flowers that compliment the glass bottle. You don't always have to colour coordinate them both but I think it makes the finished look more fresh.

Fill your glass bottle with water and arrange your flowers to suit. This is an option you can do if you prefer it to be without the ribbon or string.

Now with your ribbon or whatever you are going to use, snip it to your desired length and tie it around the neck of the bottle.

I chose to use both the white and orange ribbon together to create a look that compliments the flowers petals. Again you may choose other wise.

Finally. Simply arrange the flowers to your taste and style. You don't have to use flowers that are all the same colour.

For your finished look, you can place your flowers anywhere. If you want, place the petals that have fallen off during the arrangement of the flowers around the base of the bottle.

And there you have it, your recycled glass bottle vase. This concept can be used as a party decoration, house decoration or a centre piece at a table! Would you alter the look and how?

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