Light up the can: Tin Can Luminaries

You can do a lot of things when it comes to lights and lighting. I have found this idea on I am using her images and words because my pictures didn't come out very clear.

The site is called EdiTORIal and is run by Tori Spelling. Its an online community for people who love to craft and anything else that is related to crafting.

-Tin cans (as many as you feel like and whatever size)
-Nail or screw
-Tissue or rice paper
-Votive or tea candles

What to do:

Step 1:
Find a location that is not a hard surface. You will be hammering, so some give in the surface is important. You can do this project outside in the grass, on a blanket.
Take your tin can (labels removed) and lay them down on your surface.


Step 2:
You can either create a template before hand with a dot-outlined image(s), or you can freehand your design.

Step 3:
Take your nail or screw and begin to hammer holes directly into the tin can in your design. You may want to wear gloves to protect your fingers.
Make sure that the holes you  create penetrate the can and are not just indentations on the outside of the can.

Step 4:
Once your design is made, you can cut paper to the size and wrap it around the can. I used gold rice paper here. Glue it to secure. Place your tea/votive candle inside and light. To secure the candle to the bottom of the tin can glue the bottom of the candle and press onto the tin can.

And there you have it, your brand new light. You can use this concept at any time of the year or to add a personal touch to someones bedroom.

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